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unwanted comments

I haven’t added new entries for a long time because unwanted comments are all i get . I don’t want any comments ,thanks.Especially as 99% are trying to sell me something.

reflections on gossington international gipsy guitar festival

The performances of Gismo Graf , Amatti Schmidt and especially Dorado Schmidt were beyond belief.The ghosts of gipsy history seemed to flutter around Dorado as soon as he picked up his violin and struck the first few notes like an hallucination that drew us into another world . And yet this is very earthy music full of the joys and sorrows of everyday life .

How come this stuff is never on the TV?

end of term concerts

It’s been a very gratifying few days to see my guitar students at Dartington Primary and then the ones at Blackawton performing so well . They all entered into the spirit of live performance -something not experienced in many other areas of life and quite daunting for most of us . The great weather helped too as both performances were outdoors.

Samms concert

My two guitar groups at SaMMs will be performing in the end of term concert at the Ariel Centre Totnes .The concert starts at 1.00 .Free entry .Lots of different musical ensembles.

Glas-Denbury Festival

One of my most talented singer/guitarist students  Aileen Maggs will be performing on Saturday 12th July at The Glasdenbury Festival  ,Denbury ,S.Devon.She will be on in the late afternoon sometime . She has the most arresting voice that works in a subtle way.